From Rebellion To Submission

We should submit to the governing authorities God appointed. But, what if, you are to choose from obeying and doing what's more important to you? Will you still obey? Before you answer that, I just want to say that, "Obedience leads to blessings"! Read more here!

Power of Praise

I just want to share with you my devotion this morning on my Our Daily Bread devotionals. This brought me a great impact. And I hope, also with you. Truly, there is power in praising God. Whatever happens, keep on praising God, just like what a 9-year old kid Willie. He trusted God that He would deliver him. That God is his Savior.

Let’s be green-minded!

What it is to be green-minded? Is it having a dirty mind? Pervert? Rude? Is it our mind should think of environment? It's a big NO! Ha ha! Let see what it is to be green-minded! Check it out here!